A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community. We believe in:


By Care we mean that everyone:

  • supports each other to ensure our daily experience is positive and happy
  • demonstrates empathy and acts with compassion
  • looks after themselves
  • shows consideration for the environment


By respect we mean that everyone:

  • values all members of the school community
  • displays good manners at all times
  • displays tolerance of others with different points of view and beliefs
  • shows appreciation for the school, local and wider environment


By resilience we mean that everyone:

  • learns to cope with challenges
  • is helped to adapt to change
  • overcomes risk and adversity


By responsibility we mean that everyone:

  • leads by example
  • acts with integrity and respect
  • is accountable for actions
  • contributes positively to the whole school environment


By independence we mean that everyone:

  • allows all members to have their own view
  • is willing to experiment and explore
  • is given the opportunity and guidance to discover
  • is supported to become good decision makers


By innovation we mean that everyone:

  • helps to achieve our vision
  • is responsible forthinking 'what if ..?' or 'I wonder..?'
  • is committed to making great things happen

Our Three Year Vision The staff developed this (slightly light-hearted!) vision for our school. They imagined what the newspaper might write about our school in three years time.

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