Welcome to Maple Class

Miss Lilley is our class teacher,
Mrs Ward teaches our class on a Tuesday
and Mrs Wilson helps in our class throughout the week.


During this half term our main topic focus is Graffiti and we are asking ourselves...
'Is Graffiti Art?'


What we are learning during Autumn term 1:

ENGLISH: For our English lessons we focus on our Read, Write, Ink Phonics, however, on top of this, we will be doing Active English daily to help us learn subject specific vocabulary and we will be applying our learning to additional writing.

MATHS: We will be focusing on place value, measurement of length, addition, subtraction and fractions by recgonising and finding half. On top of our maths learning we will be participating in maths fluency daily which will include counting to 100 and focusing on the 2 times tables and understanding the multiplication sentences to match the answers. Don't roget to partake in the maths with parents activities that are set weekly.

SCIENCE: We are learning about birds, fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrate mammals. We will be finding out the similafrities and differences between.


RE - We are firstly going to look at Diwali and identify which religon celebrates Diwali and the reasons behind the celebrations. Diwali activities will be carried out to suport learning. For out final week of school we are focusing on Christmas and the reason why Christmas is celebrated by Christians. Children will be learning the meaning of advent, the wise men and gifts. Additionally Christingle will be taught and what each part of the Christingle symbol represent.

Art - Graffiti is our focus. Children will be exploring different Graffiti projects, planning our own under the sea Graffiti community project and painting the underpass in Newark for our Graffiti project.




PE will take place twice aweek, Wednesday afternoon (outdoors) and Thursday afternoon (indoors).

It is vital that your child takes part in physical education, therefore, please encourage your child to remember their kit every week, additionally, it can be kept at school until the half term so 100% participation is guarenteed!



The more your child reads the more they will know.

A book will be provided for your child which is based at their level, alongside a reading diary to keep track/ write any comments after each read.
I must empathise how important it is to suppoort your child with their reading so please do not hestiate to ask if you need support and I am sure 
your child will want to show off their super phonics learning!         4 reads on their homework sheet is worth 5 points towards their homework mark!


Books will be changed daily, so please encourage your child to put it into the tray to be changed along with their reading diaries.
Reading diaries need to be signed by the perosn who the individual read to, so I am aware it has been read.
It would be lovely to see a comment about how they got on with their reading and understanding of the book.


Exciting events happening this term...

  • Bonfire WOWday activities
  • Graffiti underpass planning
  • Graffiti underpass painting
  • Outdoor WOWday Graffiti focus
  • Christmas production
  • Pantomime








Other Useful Websites: 

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Also available are 250 eBooks which are tablet friendly.

Watch out for our new "Phonics Newsletter!" A follow up from the phonics workshops in the Autumn term to inform you of what your child is learning in phonics!

Here are some further weblinks to games and activities;

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