Daily Fun Activities – Week Beginning 20.04.2020

How to Create a Stone Creature:


Create Your Own Forest Friends Dragon:


This was made on 23.04.20, by the imaginative children in school!

How to Grow Your Own Strawberries:

Pick one growing outdoors or in the wild, or buy a pack of fresh strawberries from a shop and wash them.

The seeds on a strawberry are those tiny little things found on the outside of every strawberry.

  • Take one strawberry, and using a cocktail stick (ask a grown up to help you) scrape out the seeds to dislodge them and remove them from the fruit.
  • Place them on a piece of paper towel to help dry them out.
  • Decorate a plant pot.
  • Put some compost in the pot and plant your strawberry seed (you do not need to pack the soil in firmly).
  • Give your seed a little water.
  • Place the sealed container in a window sill or area that gets lots of light.
  • Your seeds will hopefully germinate and create small visible seedlings in around 2 to 3 weeks.

How to Create Your Own ‘Escape Room’:


Clues for Your Escape Room

How to Create a ‘Sticky Flower Garden’:

1. Cut out a rectangle shape in a piece of card to make a window.
2. Lay pieces of sellotape across the window to make it sticky. Make sure they overlap.
3. Collect as many different found materials as you can from outside. We collected leaves, flowers, petals, sticks etc.
4. Stick them onto the sellotape to make a picture. Remember to stick the opposite round ready to go in the window.
5. Put your beautiful picture in the window!

This is an example created at Bishop!