Daily Fun Activities – Week Beginning 30.03.2020

Chalk Rainbow:

Instructions: Using your chalk – Find a plot outside your house. Look how sad and empty it looks! What can you do to change that?

Get your child to take out their chalk. Ask them to add a rainbow to the ground using all or as many colours that you have. Once you’re done with the rainbow, try to add to the picture. What might be waiting at the end of the rainbow? Are there any lurking leprechauns? Any pots of gold? How about dragons? Invent a little scene to cheer up any passers-by.

This was taken at Bishop, created by one of our children!

How to Create a Bird Nest:

RSPB Bird Nest Activity

These were made at Bishop by some of our creative children.

Rock Painting:

You will need: Large smooth rocks (from the garden or order from Amazon) – Ready mix paint – PVA glue – Paint brushes – Paint trays.

You can find designs to paint through a Google search or on Pinterest. 

Instructions: Clean your rocks if they have come from the garden and allow them to dry. 
Mix a small amount of paint with a small amount of PVA glue.
Use the paint mixture to paint your chosen design onto your rock.
Leave it to dry.
Cover the rock with a layer of PVA glue and leave to dry again. 
Hey presto, painted rocks! 

These were created by the wonderful Bishop children.

Making an Easter Card:

Materials needed:
Card, Brown paint, Orange paint, Rabbit coloured paint, Green wool, Glue, Black pen, Cotton wool, Cotton bud.

  1. Draw a wavy line, half way across the card
  2. Add your rabbits- thumb print for the body, index finger for the head and the side of the little finger for the ears.
  3. Glue on a small piece of cotton wool, as a tummy.
  4. Draw faces on the bunny, with the handwriting pen.
  5. Print carrots under the line using, thumb, index finger and little finger prints for the 3 sections.
  6. Then, stick on the 3 strands of wool above each carrot to represent the stalks .
  7. Under the ground, add the mud using either a cotton bud or little finger print- add this between the carrots.
  8. Finally add your greeting inside- ‘Happy Easter’.
This is one of the examples made at Bishop; they look amazing!

Make Your Own Mini-Beast Garden:

Use a cardboard box as the base and then fill it with dirt/mud. After that, collect lots of different rocks, leaves, plants and flowers to create your own garden. Finally go on a mini-beast hunt, to see if we could invite any bugs into our garden using our checklist sheet to help.

Here is an example that was created in Bishop Alexander, with the help of the children.

Create Your Own Rainbow Paper:

Firstly, you need to fold a thin piece of kitchen roll paper in half. 
Next, you need to colour each end in stripes of different colours, just like the picture, on both sides of the kitchen roll.Get 2 cups and half-fill them both with cold water.Finally, put the coloured ends of kitchen roll into the water and watch the colour grow and meet up to make a rainbow.

Wow, the colours look amazing!