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We are very proud to present our Bishop Alexander Subject Ambassadors.

Their main roles include:

  • sharing ideas on how to improve the subject
  • working with the subject leader on subject leader action plans
  • researching news articles on the subject to share with the school
  • helping with assemblies during our subjects theme week
  • giving feedback on the subject to subject leaders
  • supporting the subject leader in creating subject sway

Click on our subject buttons to reveal who our Subject Ambassadors are and find out more about their visions for their subjects.

Come and join us at singing club, where our main objective is to have fun! We like to sing lots of different songs and learn about different musical techniques and aspects of music to improve our musicianship. All levels of experience and confidence are welcome!

Come and join us at Netball club, where you can learn to build your fitness and team building skills. We like to learn the basic skills that will help you during a netball game, but there will also be opportunity for match play as well. All levels of experience are welcome!

Are you passionate about your environment and the world around you? We must act immediately to protect our world for future generations. If you want to help with this, then this club is definitely for you!

We will be taking care of our school environment, inside and out, looking at how we can promote recycling across the school, all whilst focusing on our care and responsibility values.

We are going to aim to achieve the Blue Peter Environmental Badge for our school!

Have fun, get fit, laugh lots and learn lots of different styles of dance in this high-energy, fun-filled club. The aim of the club is to learn rhythm, beat and timing whilst wearing a smile. If you’re a first-time dancer or someone who dances regularly, this club could be for you!

Recorder club and a great place for musical children to start their wind instrument journey. We’ll provide the music and the recorders and you’ll be playing little tunes in no time! A great start for any children who have ambitions of playing the flute, clarinet or saxophone in the future.

"Would you like travel the world? Have you ever heard about the 7 Wonders of the World? Well ... there are 7 Ancient Wonders of the World and now 7 New Wonders of the World. Our adventure club with take you to each of these magnificent places. You will learn about what they are, why they have been chosen as well as some fun facts about the country where they are. It will be fun, practical and will leave you wanting to visit them in real life one day."

Yr 5/6 art club is a great place to develop your art skills and have fun creating.

Come to Board Games Club and never be bored again! Find out the best strategies for classic board games such as chess and backgammon, practise different plans of attack for games like monopoly and brush up on your general knowledge with Trivial Pursuit. All levels of experience and knowledge are welcome!

If you love the outdoors you’ll love Forest School club! Activities include den building, mud making and sculpting, creative arts using natural products, learning about our local environment and having adventures. You’ll learn to how to work as a team, gain confidence and most importantly have fun!

Bonjour! At French club we enjoy playing games and singing songs and rhymes to practise our French learning. We do a mixture of reading, writing, speaking and listening to further explore the French language. We also learn about France and its culture. A bientôt!

Come and join us at the Multi-skills Sports Club. You will practise a variety of different skills such as catching and throwing, dribbling a ball, balancing and sprinting. You are welcome to come along to have some fun and challenge yourself!

A chance to learn some acting skills, boost confidence, enjoy acting out different scenes and scenarios with the possibility of some script work, lots of drama based games and most importantly the opportunity to have fun and laugh with your peers!

Tag rugby is a fast-moving, non-contact invasion game, which is suitable for all children. It is safe, and of a non-contact nature. The interchangeable nature of possession, leading to rapid switching from attack to defence, means that a range of skills are constantly being developed.

Are you a good team player? Do you enjoy playing sport outside, then Rounders is for you. Rounders is a fast-moving team game. All you need is a tennis ball, a bat (or a tennis racket), and five bases. Come and be a part of a team to work on your batting and fielding skills and most importantly good communication.

Yoga for children is fun and imaginative, it gently makes the children more aware of their breathing and gives them a sense of self belief and self confidence.

Sessions include fun yoga postures, easy breathing techniques, yoga games, relaxation and meditation.

Yoga can:

  • Help the children focus and concentrate
  • Build their stamina and give them confidence
  • Improve their flexibility, coordination and balance
  • Help them to release anger and anxiety
  • Calm and relax their mind
  • Above all, stay happy and healthy

Outdoor Adventurous Activities! It is a mixture of mental and physical challenges outside and gets children to explore the outdoors and develop physical skills both individually and within a team.

Subject Ambassador - MFL

Hello! My name is Lena.

I like languages and French especially because it is a useful   language to know. Many people across the world speak French so you can use it to socialise with more people.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Miss Cook, to lead MFL across the school.

Subject Ambassador - Geography

Hello! My name is Oliver.

I love geography because the world is massive and we as humans have barely scratched the surface of this amazing planet.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mrs Weston, to lead geography across the school.

Come and see me if you have any questions about this amazing place we call home!

Subject Ambassador - RE

Hello! My name is Luke.

I am passionate about world religions and I am interested to learn about other cultures.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mrs Ward, to lead RE across the school.

Come and see me if you want to learn more about RE!

Subject Ambassador - Music

Hello! My name is Jonny.

I love music and I know there are an enormous amount of different songs in the world and pieces of music.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Miss Everatt, to lead music across the school.

Please come and chat to me about music!

Subject Ambassador - Computing

Hello! My name is Jenson.

I am proud to be your computing subject ambassador. I wanted to be an ambassador so I could help people get over their computing barriers. Come to me if you need any help.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mr Thomas, to lead computing across the school.

Please come and chat to me about computing!

Subject Ambassador - History

Hello! My name is Jack.

I am looking forward to helping our subject leader. I like history because I like finding out how things have changed over the years.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mr Charlesworth, to lead history across the school.

Please come and chat to me about history!

Subject Ambassador - Art

Hello! My name is Darcy-Ann.

I am excited to be your subject ambassador for art.

I love art because it makes you happy and sometimes it makes you laugh.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Miss Lilley, to lead art across the school.

Subject Ambassador - Science

Hello! My name is Victoria.

I am the subject ambassador for science. I enjoy writing detailed science reports and taking part in science experiments. I also enjoy helping other people improve their science knowledge.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mrs Bray, to lead science across the school.

Please come and chat to me about science

Subject Ambassador - PSHE

Hello! My name is Luke.

I am passionate about personal, social and health education. I believe that this is an important subject as you need to be equipped with its knowledge and skills for later life.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mrs Hemstock, to lead PSHE across the school.

Subject Ambassador - English

Hello! My name is Jemimah.

I like English because you can write anything. You use your skills in English for all the other subjects.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Miss Tyers, to lead English across the school.

Come and chat to me about English!

Subject Ambassador - D&T

Hello! My name is Alan.

I like DT because I like to make props for pantomimes.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Miss Roche, to lead DT across the school.

Please see me if you would like to make props together or find out more about DT!

Subject Ambassador - PE

Hello! My name is Jack.

I like sports because of my sporting hero Cristiano Ronaldo. He inspires me in football.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Miss Redmond, to lead PE across the school.

Please come and chat to me about PE!

Subject Ambassador - Maths

Hello! My name is Isabelle.

I am overjoyed to be your maths ambassador. I love maths because it makes me happy when I solve calculations.

I will be supporting our subject leader, Mr Ward, to lead maths across the school.

If you would like any assistance or knowledge about maths, then just come and talk to me or the subject leader.