We believe that our pupils have an entitlement to a 190 days of education, and our target is that all pupils have a  minimum attendance of 96%. It should be noted that whilst we will make every effort to support parents with their child’s attendance, it is ultimately the responsibility of parents to ensure regular attendance takes place. Support can be accessed via our Attendance Officer (Rob Jones) and our Family Support Worker (Shelley Fitzpatrick).

Whilst we may work with individual children on aspects of resilience, no child receives sanctions for low attendance or is made to feel it is their responsibility. We firmly believe that the adults are responsible for the attendance of their child/ren.

Rob Jones – Attendance Officer

Shelley Fitzpatrick – Family Support Worker

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A word from our Attendance Officer:


At Bishop Alexander Academy we are committed to helping all pupils to achieve their full potential. Good attendance is a key factor in raising pupils’ attainment and supporting their personal development. Whilst it is appreciated that children are ill from time to time, please think carefully before allowing your child to be absent from school. The chart below provides an indication of how just a few days absence can significantly impact a child’s overall attendance percentage and impede their learning:

Description Attendance Whole Days Lost Lost Hours of Learning
Excellent 100 – 99% 0 – 2 0 – 10
Good 98 – 96% 4 – 7.5 20 – 37.5
Requires Improvement 95 – 91% 9.5 – 17 47.5 – 85
Presistant Absentee 90 – 86% 19 – 27 95 – 135
Critical 85 – 80% 28.5 – 38 142.5 – 190


We always aim to work positively with parents, when we have concerns regarding children’s attendance. This involves school regularly keeping you updated via letters and other forms of contact regarding your child’s attendance percentage, as well as offering support or guidance whenever it is needed. We strive to work in partnership with families to find realistic solutions to overcome barriers to learning. Our Family Support Worker Shelley is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to help you, Shelley is available to advise you on a variety of matters. Please contact the School office to make an appointment.

Rob Jones (Family Support and Attendance Worker): Telephone 07900223045.

If your child’s attendance falls below 95% we will make contact with you and offer support.

If their attendance drops to 90% you will be asked to come to a meeting in school where the impact of the individual attendance percentage will be discussed. An action plan will be put in to place and your child’s attendance monitored closely. In addition to this, any absences below 90% will require medical evidence in order to be authorised.

Remember, school attendance is your statutory responsibility as a parent or primary carer. This means if your child’s attendance falls into the red region below, not only is their education suffering, but you will be referred to the Education Welfare Service and may also receive a penalty notice.


Government guidelines stipulate that Headteacher’s cannot grant any leave of absence unless in exceptional circumstances. Holidays and trips abroad do not qualify as exceptional circumstances.

If a leave of absence is taken for the purpose of a holiday it will be counted as an unauthorised absence. It is probable that a penalty notice may be issued in these circumstances, and a referral to the Education Welfare Service may also be made.


  • 5 days absence from school = 2.5%
  • 10 days absence from school = 5%
  • Typically, we would become very concerned about the impact of time off on a child’s education when their attendance reached 95%
  • It is easy to see how even a few days off can make a BIG difference!