Acorns & Larch Homework

Book Vending Machine

For children accessing Read Write Inc books in EYFS (Larch):

If your child reads 25 times at home, they will receive a token to buy a book from the vending machine.

Reading (Larch class)

We expect your child to read daily to a grown up, at home, for at least 10 minutes a day and sign their reading diary every time as evidence of this.

The more reading material they are exposed to, the greater their use of language in developing their writing will be.

Remember your child should not only be reading the words on the page but they must be able to understand what they have read.

Encourage your child to talk freely about their book and ask them lots of questions. 

Remember, you can also read books from home and record this in your child’s reading diary.

Reading (Acorn class)

We expect your child to be read to by an adult for at least 10 minutes each day.

Your child will come home each week with a book in their bedtime book pack. Enclosed in this is their reading diary, where you can record any reading you share with your child at home (this doesn’t have to be the bedtime book but could also be your favourite books from home, the library or a comic etc).

Remember to record the reading in the reading diary (name of the book and date).

High Frequency Words (Larch class)

Your child will be given a set of high frequency words to learn each half term (accompanying your child’s reading diary). The expectation is for your child to be able to recognise these words and to be able to read them. Please sign your child’s reading diary every time your child has read them as evidence of this.

Maths – CGP Maths Book

Support your child to complete the Maths activity set each week (the page number will be communicated by your class teacher each Friday).

Return the book every Thursday to the class teacher for marking.

When receiving the book each Friday, check the previous week’s learning (a ‘tick’ indicates correct learning and an ‘arrow’ symbol requires your child to revisit the question and correct the learning).

Maths – SUMDOG (Larch class)

Download the SUMDOG App, in your App Store, for your device, to register your child. Use the login (in the back of your child’s reading diary). This login is personal to them. Or alternatively, you can visit

Handwriting (Larch class)

Your child has a handwriting pack and a formation guide (letters and numbers), which shows you where the letter and number starts.

Support your child to complete the letter formation in the weekly pack and return the completed sheets in their plastic wallet on Thursdays. Remember to use pincer grip.