School Council

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We are the school council team from Bishop Alexander L.E.A.D Academy. We are a team comprised of all ages and work together as a team to help make our school a better place!

Academic Year 2019/20 – LATEST

Some of the challenges and discussion this term include thinking about responsibility:

  • Can we help protect the planet?

We have entered an initiative called ‘The Big Battery Hunt’. The Big Battery Hunt is a nation-wide battery recycling programme for schools. Its aim is to increase the number of batteries currently being recycling in the UK. Pupils are challenged to collect as many batteries as they can, encouraging their communities to the same, with the chance to win great prizes.

Previous Achievements?

School Council members have taken part in an initiative, which aims to ensure pupils feel safe whilst in school. The outcome of this, was that pupils can now leave ‘worries’ in a letterbox, situated in the playground. This offers pupils the opportunity to disclose any worries they have, enabling them to feel more comfortable doing so.

Furthermore, our school council members are now ‘Digital Leaders’. The digital leaders have inputted ideas and thoughts in to the E-Safety newsletter. Also, they have been trained so that they can help pupils in their class to stay safe online and ensure that all equipment is logged off and put away correctly.


The votes are in and the class ballot boxes have been counted…

Thank you to everyone who campaigned to gain votes from your class friends. The speeches, presentations and posters were very impressive. There was even a recount in one class!

We want to hear your views!  Have you any ideas and comments?

Please come and talk to us if there is something you think we can help with.